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  • Working at Las Palmas Elementary grants me the opportunity to contribute towards meaningful, lifelong, positive impacts in the lives of students and families alongside equally passionate, dedicated, and selfless colleagues. At Las Palmas Elementary, we strive to learn as much as we strive to teach!

    Dario Gonzalez

    Senior Academic Intervention Specialist-bilingual

  • I have worked for Twin Rivers since 2007. What I love most about working for Twin Rivers is that every day I am doing my part to help our students receive the best education possible, whether it’s making sure they have the resources they need in their classrooms or planning out Professional Development that our teachers need to be the best in the classroom. Every person who works at the District plays a critical part in student education. We do have amazing teachers and students and I love being a part of their successes.

    Jamie Manalo

    Program Development Specialist